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With her new husband's help, she began writing lyrics for some of his compositions, notably the song 'No Explanation' for the 1990 film, Pretty Woman. [Linda and Elvis were watching the 1976 Olympics on TV while Elvis was in hospital in '76 and they both watched Bruce cross the finish line.

In 1992 they were nominated for a Grammy Award and an Academy Award for Best Song for their composition of the song sung by Whitney Houston in the 1992 motion picture, The Bodyguard. Linda Thompson: I know you and I completely respect you. Larry King: And you have two children with Bruce, right?

However, I just felt like it was time for me to share my own life story from my perspective, not somebody else’s. I knew it was important for me to write my life history, but I wasn’t ready to share it sooner than now. I think that was one thing that he very much appreciated and valued in me, that I was a virtuous girl at the time. He didn’t want to put the pressure on me to commit before I was ready. I would say just about everything about love, both good and bad. And I’m not saying that’s the healthiest way to love either.

I also felt that I needed time to carve out my own identity, my own career, and my own life. One of the biggest lessons I also learned from living with Elvis and loving him for so many years was that we're all human, and no matter what level one has reached in terms of fame, they’re still human beings. I think that happens to a lot of people who find themselves thrust into the spotlight and becoming famous before they recognize what’s happening to them. But it’s the one love I experienced where I absolutely lost myself in that person. And I still feel a connection to his soul because he was such a good human being and charismatic figure.

Linda Thompson revisits the loves of her life in her upcoming memoir, “A Little Thing Called Life.” The blond bombshell details her four-and-a-half-year romance with Elvis Presley, her five-year marriage to Bruce Jenner (who is now known as Caitlyn) and her 14-year marriage to David Foster.

According to an excerpt of the book in People, Thompson endured a rough but passionate romance with Presley beginning when she was 22 years old.

Thompson also dives into her earlier high-profile romance with Elvis Presley in Graceland — a story that for years people have begged to learn about. FNM spoke exclusively with Thompson about her new book to find out more, including why The King was so adamant about preserving her virginity, and what her relationship with Caitlyn is really like today: LT: You know, I was offered a lot of money 39 years ago to write a book about Elvis, but I never wanted to be accused of exploiting that relationship, or any other for that matter. I wanted to save myself for marriage and he just thought that was very commendable. In the 4½ years I lived with him in Graceland, on the road, and in Las Vegas, I learned romantic love. I think you get one great love in your life like that, if you’re lucky enough, where you hold nothing back.In July of that year she began a relationship with the recently separated Elvis Presley and immediately moved in with him at Graceland for roughly three and a half years. Linda won several beauty pageants, including the 1972 Miss Tennessee USA title. See Friends Remember Elvis Presley] In our ortiicle Friend Remead how, where and with whom Linda was with when she first saw Bruce cross the finish line at the Olympics] Larry King: Obviously do. In July of that year she began a relationship with the recently separated Elvis Presley and immediately moved in with him at Graceland for roughly three and a half years. After sowing a few remaining wild oats — see the entry on Ann-Margret — Elvis did tie the knot with Priscilla, in 1967.They welcomed their only child, Lisa Marie, the following year. In her 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me, Priscilla suggested that her husband's sexual interest in her waned once she became a mother, and confessed that she eventually sought consolation in an affair with a karate instructor, Mike Stone.

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So it wasn’t until 2015, when her ex-husband Bruce Jenner publicly emerged as Caitlyn Jenner, that Thompson would decide to write her memoir.

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