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Jack is a happy-go-lucky regular guy, a sitcom writer whose credits include (it's not as dirty as it sounds).Maria, of Portuguese descent, is deeply religious and superstitious, not making any important decisions without the input of her fortuneteller who, needless to say, doesn't think much of Jack.— the film steadily loses comic steam as it increasingly relies on silly contrivances.

Desperate, he implores a beautiful stranger, Maria (Sousa), to pretend to be his girlfriend.Ryan graduated from UC Berkeley in 2007 where he majored in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology.Ryan has participated in excavations around the world.They knew he would have liked to have stayed in Owen Sound and skate with the team and work out in the gym and drink in the fan worship, just like the other guys. At 26, he’s entering year four of a five-year contract that will pay him .5 million over its term, and his best earning years are still ahead of him. That’s what people who don’t know Bobby Ryan think. He was drafted there in 2005, but he’s been back to the city only once, with the Ducks, scoring the winner in a shootout a couple of years ago. That’s what he told his mother when she picked him up from a neighbour’s house after her four-day stay in hospital for treatment of a fractured skull and internal bleeding.Instead, every Monday at 6 a.m., Bobby Ryan, age 18, set out on a two- or maybe three-hour drive down winding roads covered with black ice to Toronto, then sat in a waiting room until it was his turn. He scored 30 goals in each of his past four full NHL seasons. At this point, Bobby Ryan is just a name in Ottawa. When she managed to get a door between them, he ripped it off its hinges. Bobby had always known that his home life wasn’t like other kids’, that his parents’ marriage was troubled.

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