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Inventions are solutions to a problem, but ideas themselves cannot be patented.If someone invents a cup holder, you can also invent something that holds cups.However, if the inventor discloses the invention one year or less before the effective filing date of the patent application, it cannot be used to reject the application.This one-year time period is often referred to as a “grace period.” How can I use the FTF system to my advantage?The critical inquiry here is whether the prior art was available before the earliest date that the applicant can claim priority with the patent application filing.Prior art can be something that the inventor did or it can be a third party.Intellectual property can take the form of patents, trade secrets, copyrights, or trademarks and service marks.

The prior art base is basically information that was in the public domain, anywhere in the world and in any language, up to the date that the patent application was filed.

If you want to patent an invention, you should first undertake due diligence to determine if there is prior art in existence, that way you can avoid getting too far down the road with the patenting application only to find there is prior art.

If prior art does exist, then you may be able to adjust the invention and still have something patentable.

However, the situation becomes more complicated if the oversease country in question is the USA because the USA used to have a first to invent patent system rather than the first to file system in place in the rest of the world.

Consequently, the owners of older US patent applications may have prior rights due to an earlier “conception” of the idea even though they filed later.

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It is evidence that your invention has already been publicly disclosed previously to the date when you filed your patent application.

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