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His birth was much anticipated – he was the first male grandchild of the family which is very important for a Chinese family – and the whole family was overjoyed with his arrival! There was nothing unusual or alarming about him in the initial years as he reached all developmental milestones on time.

Other mediums to travel to the city are by boat, ferry, ship, car, bus and train.

Still a lot of local families focus on having boys, rather than girls.

In the end, there’s more single women here (often times with aspirations), than there is local guys.

Autism was not that well-known or researched in Hong Kong in the early 90s.

He was a puzzle to most professionals in Hong Kong at the time as he did not have all of the “classical features” of autism (he has no self-stimulating behavior, no obsession, no difficulty with language, and good eye contact), and no one was willing to actually label him.

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