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Before there was a folk singer by that name, James Taylor was a professor of preaching.This veteran teacher of preachers held forth in classrooms at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary for many years.

) who will enter their church with an equally enthusiastic spouse and together, their young family will save their church by bringing in “the young people.” Another friend of mine, a 35-year-old woman who is a pastor of a small rural church, shared her painful story about not only being single in ministry, but also being divorced.

The first response I typically get after I am asked this question when I am guest preaching at a church is “don’t worry, there still is time.” This is my favorite response as I believe many people think one must find their soul mate by a certain date or age.

And while this is a common question many receive regardless of their career field, it can often produce awkward responses for clergy like myself who are single.

The remedy for this–in a sense, the armor which protects one from such a vamp–the writer goes on to say, is to “drink water from your own cistern” ().

He gets rather explicit in his counsel to a young husband to satisfy himself intimately with his wife and with no one else. “The sons of Eli were worthless men; they did not know the Lord” (I Samuel ).

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” Thank you to the pastors’ wives who were willing to give us such great feedback. One pastor’s wife told us that her role was like getting a job for which she never applied.

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