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Dropbox and Backblaze — I’d kept my Jungle Disk account around because, uh…

This morning, I logged into the Jungle Disk billing interface to change my billing method I spent 10 minutes trying to understand why the system kept reporting the old 841 error: “Error validating card/account number range.”What? In frustration, I finally gave up, and sent an email to Jungle Disk saying that either their system was broken or I was doing something wrong.

My question is, is there any sequence of numbers each vendor has?While not a security feature (since it's trivial to calculate), a decent checksum algorithm can guarantee to always fail if (a) a single typo was made or (b) two neighbouring digits are swapped, which are the two most common errors when manually entering long numbers. If a CC number is correct, it may still be not a real CC number.Passes events associated with this opcode in your system's event notification list to the policy opcode. This means that the standard Luhn Checksum Test has been performed on the card number, and failed.Note: Not all card types are subject to the Luhn check.

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This opcode modifies specified triggering events before they are published to Pipeline Manager.

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