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“I’ve never been that big on Valentine’s Day, so I had plans with friends,” Bolin said.“But then on Valentine’s Day, he was texting me saying he felt bad” they wouldn’t be together.with one of the most popular, culturally significant, but almost impossible to translate slang expressions in the English language: HANG OUT!Today you will learn everything you need to know about this very important English phrase: in native English speaking world, yet surprisingly few non-native English speakers know how to use and understand it properly.

Social vs Romantic HANGING OUT To ask somebody to HANG OUT can mean to socialize in an innocent and non-romantic way, but it is often used as a subtle way to ask somebody out on a date (to do something social together with a romantic intention).A term used particularly by promiscuous girls today, which has supplanted the term “dating”.Previously, women would go on dates with men where they would get to know the man, and then be returned to their home safely.Along the beach on bamboo racks the nets are hanging out to dry.Where was he hanging out now, and what was he doing on the 10th?

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