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Italian is a classic “dinner and a movie” pairing – so heading to We always tend to value comfortable clothing at the movies. Well if you’re sitting in one place for hours, and you want to be sucked into the show, then you don’t want to waste any brainpower on an ill-fitting or itchy outfit. Some people have VERY strong opinions about where they want to sit in the theater. And while we don’t have seats always picked out, there are some places we don’t like… The heartbreak of loving someone, (or thinking you love them), and they don’t love you back. Thankfully, songs, books, movies and theater offer escapes to help us get through. They remind us not to send the four-page email or leave long rambling voicemail messages or text those heart eye emojis. In the play, Jordan Berman is trying to navigate the messy and complicated minefield of dating while his best friends are getting married. As Gustave Flaubert wisely said, “Only three things are infinite: the sky in its stars, the sea in its drops of water and the heart in its tears.”At one time or another, most of us have been there.These accounts indicate that not only was Washington a devotee of staged entertainments, but his diary entries in some cases are the only record of a professional theater in colonial America.Washington saw repeat performances of his favorite plays.

Is it just us, or do we always seem to leave the movies hungry? If you tend to get cold, make sure you grab a jacket or sweater: especially during the summer, air conditioning is sure to be pumping. It’s cute, classic and won’t distract you from the romance between the two main movie characters. Besides, once you’re at Regal, you want to have ample time to snag your refreshments, play “rate the trailer” (a pretty easy game, to be honest) and chat with your date before the lights go down… If you’re not yourself, it is eventually going to come out. Allow yourself to listen to the other person and take in what they’re saying.One of the best things that ever happened to me on a first date was that the guy actually set it up like a date. It was kind of dorky, but it’s kind of like in when everything kind of disappears and you center on each other.”“I never like talking about myself.Spacious, comfortable seating, state-of-the-art visuals and sound, the latest and greatest blockbusters and some awesome snack options – anyone catch their Also important?Get a sense of what kind of movies what your date likes.

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The staff isn't as impatient as other theater I saw Pippin at this theater and sat in Row L and had a great view.

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