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(TCD assessment number records will say whether or not you are entitled to own a single automobile (car) or if one has already been registered to that assessment number address).Presently, there is no limit on the number of mopeds or scooters a family may have.All requests for more details, or statistics, drivers' licences, insurance requirements, penalties and more, of the type not covered in the notes below, should be referred directly to the TCD.For residents, only one private four-wheeled vehicle per person or family or household unit is allowed in Bermuda - and only when the person concerned can qualify by both residence and appropriately registered home or apartment unit.It alone is the authoritative regulatory authority in Bermuda for all aspects of private and public transport.The Department is also responsible for the regulation and control of the public service vehicles and their operations.Our staff will be on hand to take care of your needs during parties, allowing you, the host to welcome your guests, be free to take pictures and enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday.

To register where you live, quote your unique residential house or home or apartment assessment number.

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